Biorepository Management

Structured biobanking meets flexible LIMS.

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New Features

BiobankPro® is full of cutting edge features like specimen pooling, a client portal, built-in ELN feature, and more.

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Cloud Based

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BiobankPro® Benefits

BiobankPro® provides its users with a structured biobanking solution that has the flexibility of a LIMS.

Specimen Processing

BiobankPro® is designed to manage specimen processing and storage with capabilities such as batch processing documentation for aliquoting, pooling, and derivatives, as well as any processing performed prior to running assays. Streamline your processes as your specimens move from receipt through the laboratory to storage, shipment, or destruction.

Integrated Data Repository

No need for multiple systems tracking different types of data. Instead, store your specimen inventory, processing, and experimental data all in a single location annotated with clinical, subject, and assay data for analysis and identification of trends. Configurable validation checks ensure validity and accuracy of data and reduce data entry errors.

Charts & Dashboards

BiobankPro® includes several built-in key analytical data displays and charts, allowing managers to gain a complete picture of the biobank and identify opportunities to reduce expenses. Each user additionally has a personal dashboard, giving them a quick way to update tasks, send communications, or view other items assigned to them, thus making your biobank run more efficiently.

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Learn more about BiobankPro® by watching this short overview video.

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Specimen Processing

Find out how to prepare and process your specimens individually or in batches.

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Client Portal

Learn how to navigate the client portal within BiobankPro®

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Learn how to interpret the key analytical data displays and charts for your biorepository.


What makes RURO different from other biobanking solution providers?

Services Organization

RURO's Services Organization is dedicated to seeing its projects through to production. Many vendors provide a product and some training, but the implementation falls on the shoulders of the client which often results in failure and lost investments.

Understands Challenges

RURO, Inc. understands the challenges of small, fast growing companies like laboratories and biobanks because we have had to solve the same business challenges.

Latest Cloud-Based Architecture

RURO, Inc. leads the market with the latest cloud-based software architecture. Most products on the market remain hamstrung by their '90s client/server architecture.

Regulatory Compliance

Supports compliance in regulatory environments.