Features BiobankPro® FreezerPro®
Virtual Inventory Storage
Inventory Optimization
Customizable Biobanking & Research LIMS Workflows
Specimen Registration
Collection Kits
Specimen Storage Check In/Out
Specimen Aliquoting
Specimen Derivatives
Specimen Pooling
Specimen Destruction
Specimen Processing Worksheets
Batch Processing Documentation
Built-in Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) Module
Chain of Custody
Specimen Lineage
Subject Management
Patient Consent Management
Study Management
Configurable Alerts With E-mails
Client Portal
Sample Requests
Specimen Shipments
Testing & Assay Management
Instrument & Reagent Management
Charts & Dashboards
Tabular Report Printing
Complex Report Designer
Advanced Data Mining, Ad-Hoc and Canned Queries
Comprehensive Barcode Label and RFID Tag Designer
Barcode Label Printing
RFID Tracking Compatible
Integration with External Data Sources
Process Automation Based on External Data Sources (CTMS, EMR, EDC)
Limfinity® BRICK Compatibility
Audit Trail
Role-Based Security
Regulatory Compliance
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BiobankPro® | Frequently Asked Questions

BiobankPro® is a browser-based application that supports CLIA compliance and HIPAA-related security and privacy provisions. BiobankPro® is a hosted SaaS offering, allowing biobanks to devote resources away from IT, and leverage the proficiency and efficiency of BiobankPro® provider, RURO, Inc.
RURO, Inc. offers both Public Cloud and Private Cloud deployment options. With Public Cloud, the users access BiobankPro® through an internet browser. Private Cloud option offers additional security as it is an extension of the internal customer network.
RURO Software Support Team will notify you within a specified time frame to perform maintenance as required and minimize impact to your business.
RURO, Inc. is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure of your cloud environment. Infrastructure Maintenance includes Installation, Updates Management, and Malware Protection.
BiobankPro® software supports HIPAA compliancy. All data is hosted in a secure cloud-based infrastructure.
An automatic backup of the database and the uploaded files is performed daily at 1 AM Eastern Time.
Yes. Please see our Licensing Options page for more information.
BiobankPro® offers a CSV format file import as well as a developer API to assist in data migration from your legacy systems.
All data created and transmitted by the Customer are owned by the Customer and are treated as confidential information. If you choose to cancel your subscription, we will provide you with all of your data in the file format used by our software. Please see the Software Hosting Agreement for more information.
RURO, Inc. offers validation services for a fee. Contact your Account Manager for additional information.