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Licensing Options

On-Premises License

  • Production License
  • BiobankPro® Core Setup
  • User Seat License

Cloud License

  • BiobankPro® Core Setup
  • User Seat License
  • Gold Level Support

BiobankPro® Add-On Modules

Basic User Training

Extension of the web-based user training included in the BiobankPro® Core Setup fee. Does not include workbooks or other interactive materials.

Premium User Training

Six (6) hour interactive customer training course for BiobankPro®. Includes up to two (2) hours of training course generation which include workbooks and other interactive materials.

RURO Limfinity® Plus Customization Services

Additional configuration from the BiobankPro® core system. Includes development, testing, project management, quality assurance, and deployment services.

Validation Package

Purchase of a BiobankPro® software IQ manual.

Limfinity® Bricks

Limfinity® Bricks are shareable, reusable pieces of functionality that can be added to your BiobankPro® instance with a few clicks.

Client Portal

The Client Portal provides a searchable view of the specimen inventory and allows researchers to view, query, and request available specimens.