BiobankPro®: Biorepository Management System

Expanding Your Biobank

Subject Management

BiobankPro® can manage any specimen source including those human, animal, or microbiological in origin. Informed consent is tracked for human patients ensuring that specimens are used in accordance with the patient’s wishes. Specimen sources are configurable and can be annotated with structured and unstructured clinical, study, or research data.

Testing Management

BiobankPro® utilizes a testing portal which streamlines instrument management, reagents, and test setup and allows for manual entry or upload of test results directly into the system. Instrument calibration dates are monitored and maintenance alerts can be sent out to assigned personnel.

Data File Importing

BiobankPro® allows you to upload files of various formats and associate them with any entity in the system such as specimens, subjects, or studies. BiobankPro® supports automated file imports as well as user-initiated file imports. A second level user authentication, via PIN, can be implemented as an additional check before executing an import.


Limfinity® Bricks Compatibility

BiobankPro® leverages the Limfinity® framework to provide customers with the ability to expand it to address unique system requirements. This includes compatibility with Limfinity® Bricks, allowing you to utilize the core biobanking capabilities of BiobankPro® while expanding your system with packages of functionality that can be added with a few clicks. See our Limfinity Website for more information regarding available Bricks.

Cutting Edge Features

RURO, Inc. has designed BiobankPro® to be the best solution for your biobank.
We have added cutting edge features to help improve efficiency.

Inventory Management

Improve inventory management by knowing where your specimens are at any time. Virtual freezers, configurable containers, and graphical box and well-plate views allow you to easily store, locate, and process your specimens in batch and individually.

Role-based Security

User permissions within the system are role-based and control who can view, edit, and delete specimen records and other data objects. Workflows and tools can be hidden based on user’s access levels, creating a custom interface for different types of users.

Client Portal

The Client Portal provides a searchable view of the specimen inventory, accessible to internal and external stakeholders. It enables researchers to view, query, and request available specimens with the requests becoming instantly available for approval.

Advanced Data Mining

BiobankPro® includes live, batch, and advanced search functions. Users can create, save, and run queries across the entire database to perform deep data mining or quickly look up specimens and sources by barcode.

Built-In ELN Module

BiobankPro® includes an integrated electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) module that can be used to capture unstructured scientific data and observations on specimens alongside the structured data.

Study Management

BiobankPro® defines and manages studies, tracking study performance metrics that can be shared with trial sponsors.


Next level support

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BiobankPro® is in the Cloud!

BiobankPro® is offered as a Cloud solution so you do not have to worry about hiring dedicated IT staff for your laboratory! Just click the URL, log in, and start using your new solution.

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